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"Every time I've deviated from my mantra - which is that they have to have a piece of product in the marketplace prior to coming to me; they have to have a touring base; and they have to have a great manager in place - I've struggled, almost to the point of losing the act, or to the point where I've invested two million dollars to get to where I should have started from all along..."
- Bruce Flohr, Sr. VP of A&T / Artist Development, RCA Records

MusicWide is here to help you do just that... take your career far enough on your own that record labels come looking for you.... or so that you don't need record labels at all!!!  We'll help you:

  1. Create Your Product (your CD, dummy!)
  2. Build Your Touring Base
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GetSigned?  Not yet... If you want a record deal you're not going to get one without showing some success on your own terms.  And the great thing is, the net has put it all within reach!  You can promote and sell your music across the country... and the world... for little or no cost.  Make money making your music!  Isn't that what its really about?

Unless you're the Spice Girls, your goal should be to get as many people hearing you music, showing up at your shows, and buying your CDs.  A band is like a business... its about selling your product to as many people as possible.  So...

Got a logo?  Then you can sell merchandise online at CafePress.  no sign-up fees, no inventory, NO WORK... they do everything, including, printing, shipping, and building your store.  click here to check it out.

The MUST DO's for you career

  • Get FREE COLOR Business Cards for Your Band at Vistaprint!!!
    this is an AWESOME way to promote your music...

  • Get your own site
    No, "" is not sufficient.  Get, or at least or something like that.  Or even  Noone is going to remember huge URLs.  You can register your own domain for as little as $12 a year.  Then you can find full-featured hosting for as little at $7 a month, or maybe even some free stuff if you're really strapped for cash (but I think the $7 is a great investment).
    Try Directnic - domain registration - its $15 OR LESS per domain per year, and they'll even do free hosting (with a banner).  They have cheap hosting, too.  also, check out for full-service hosting at $7 a month  

  • Start Selling Merchandise
    People are willing to pay $15 to promote your band... why say no??  Sell stuff with your logo and/or URL!!!!  If you have a logo, you can have t-shirts. CafePress will create an online store for you, with T-Shirts and Mugs and Sweatshirts and Mouse Pads.... FREE!!!!  All you need to do is upload a logo, and they'll have a page for you.   check it out.
    Stickerguy will also make you GREAT stickers for as little as $20.   

  • Get Free Promo
    The Indie Contact Bible may be your best investment ever.  For $20 you get listings of thousands of places that will review your CD and thousands of radio stations that will play your indie CD, plus 250 online vendors that will help you to sell your music, 150 sites where you can promote your band (for free), and 320 sites where you can upload your band's MP3 files.  You also get a free update.  Check it out.  

  • Get any links you can to your sites
    The more people that link to you, the more traffic you will get.  Search engines look at this factor when ranking you.  Trade links with similar bands to help build each other's fan base.  For a list of places that will list your band link, click here.   

  • Learn as Much as You Can
    One good tip from one book can pay for that book 1000 times over.  For some more books you can check out, click here.  I'll be filling out this section in the upcoming months.

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